TESLA.PLACE – is a multimedia space for the major large-scale events of the capital.

Simce its opening on February 4th 2016 TESLA.PLACE reached the top of the most wanted event spaces of Moscow.

Giorgio Armani, Maserati, Louis Vuitton, The Moscow Stock Market, Nike, Reebok, Disney, TOPGUN, MIPT, Domodedovo and the best event agencies of Russia have chosen TESLA.PLACE for their events.

The uniqueness of TESLA.PLACE is supported by figures:

✔ a concert capacity of 5000 people

✔ 5 km to the Kremlin

✔ 10 minute walk from Rimskaya metro station

✔ 4000 m2 of free space without columns and partitions 

✔ 40m ceilings

✔ 6000 m2 of a 360 projection surface  

✔ 200 ton capacity of ceiling mounts 

✔ 600 m2 balcony

✔ 400 parking slots

✔ 5 dressing rooms

✔ 1 full range kitchen

✔ Up to 2 MW of electricity

TESLA.PLACE fits any event format from conferences to festivals to New Year banquets. The largest multimedia screen turns any event into a large-scale occasion!  

TESLA.PLACE management is comprised of event organising managers with many years of experience.

A space that transforms reality

6000 m²
Visuals are an important part of any large-scale event. TESLA.PLACE provides the largest projection surface in Russia, with a 360* display. Such video presentation possibilities may not be found anywhere else.
A minimalistically elegant and impressive large-scale industrial design without partitions and columns, a full-aluminium structure and futuristic exteriors – all this is what makes TESLA.PLACE unique. In the 1980’s the place used to be a high-voltage experimental laboratory with a fully functional 20 metre high 12 MW Tesla transformer.
40 m
Install any decorations at a height of a 12-storey building, materialise your boldest ideas and create a wonderful atmosphere!  A 30-ton bearing capacity provides structural safety. Nothing can stop you from conducting the most complicated high-altitude photo and video shootings or making breathtaking air shows.
4000 m²
The venue has a minimalistic atmosphere. The huge area with no walls or columns provides unlimited capabilities for site building designs. It is a tabula rasa ready to accept your boldest ideas.

TESLA is a place that gathers the best experienced event-professionals you can trust! 

We have joined forces with the largest companies available on the market to provide integrated maintenance for your success   

Venue infrastructure
Mass Media about us
"A Soviet testing facility in Moscow transformed into a giant space for concert and parties…"
"The exterior of the venue is ornated by a ‘Giorgio Armani’ sign. The interior goes well together with the elegance of the brand – perfectly black soft floor and walls royally absorb all noises and create a mysterious atmosphere. Right under the ceiling we see a video row of pictures: magazine covers, model pictures, Armani himself"
"This week the World’s famous Maserati presented their new crossover, first in the history of the brand – Levante. It seems that all the Moscow high society gathered at TESLA.PLACE for one night ".
"On June 3 the most hardcore virtual football championship has started at TESLA – Lawson's Cup 2016. This year participants competed for the largest prize in Russian cyberfootbal – 10000 Euros".
"A huge stage, loud DJ music, dancing cheerleaders, a huge TV screen, overfilled tribunes…Having entered the TESLA sports facility, our reporter thought he made a mistake and found himself at a professional boxing competition!"
"Representatives of the Guinness World’s Records have stated that Tesla Place has the largest video surface and the largest projection screen.»
"The records were followed by a show, guest performances, a presentation of a Tesla car, free barber cuts and many delicious foods and performances.”
«This year the “Silver Mercury” fest will be held at TESLA. PLACE with an area of 4000m2»
Got questions? We will answer them quickly!
TESLA is located inside the"", a convenient check-in with both rings and W. Entuziastov, shagova accessibility from M. " mercy
Entuziastov, 5
+7 (495) 230-00-10
Entuziastov, 5
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